Agrícola Forestal El Escudo – AFE – is a Chilean family business, committed to sow future. Born in 1968 in the district of Teno, VII region. From our fruit farming origins, season to season we have been growing, generating employment and reaching a relevant position in the area of Chilean fresh fruit exporting.

Encountering the challenge of finding value added products for our fruits; we search for enhancement options in terms of quality and naturalness. Finally, we discovered that the best process to make natural juices was the old and traditional home classic recipe plus sophisticated modern equipment and pasteurization process, quality control and bottling systems. In this way we could preserve unalterable the nobility and nutrient values typical of natural fruit.

This is how Jugos AFE was born in 1997, proudly incorporating to the local market an absolutely natural juice without any additives: 100% PURE FRUIT MADE JUICE”



We are a way of seeing people’s feeding, of allowing the whole world access to a healthy diet. On reading the label on a bottle of Afe juice, it is inevitable to notice the simplicity of the “ingredients” item: no other tan fruit.

For that we are. Fair, at the time of planting, harvesting, packing and distributing the juices. We are a family that addresses their consumers in a direct way, offering just what we really have to offer: natural juices, organic juices and the promise that the natural is what drives us, delivers our raw material and allows us to look them in the face and tell them to enjoy the best juice we can make, 100% fruit.

100% FRUIT


Our commitment is to produce juice based only on selected fresh fruits, not adding water, sugar, colorants, flavoring, preservatives or any other kind of additive.

Fruit is our only ingredient.

Each one of them contributes with the properties of the fruit they are made of, nothing more and nothing less.

No sugar or water added

Jugo Afe elaboration does not include more water than that naturally contained in the fruit. Neither sugar is added; the juice is as sweet as the fruit itself.

They only contain fructose, the fruit’s natural sugar.

Color, flavor and natural acidity

The color, flavor, consistency and acidity included in each juice will be determined by Afe’s only ingredient: the fruit. Due to this, there may be variations in the color of juices, which correspond to the different kinds or harvests of each fruit.

Long Life

Our juices may last 4 years, since they are pasteurized and kept on Long Life containers with Twist Off system. Once opened, they last approximately 7 days if stored in the refrigerator.